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VISEIDOLIA is the name I gave to the drawing technique that I used since the beginning in my drawings, initially in a completely unconscious way and gradually more consciously. It is a constantly evolving technique, which can always find new stimuli and applications.

The first step is to create a background (a "sketch") which will remain the same until the drawing is complete. The background is made up of chaotic lines and shades realized in several ways: with pencils or bars of graphite or charcoal or with any other technique, even colored.

Once the background is created, the “viseidolia” process begins: observing the sketch I start identifing the shapes and figures that seem to be hiding in this chaos. Without alternating the shape of the background I thus begin to underline, shade and color the shapes I have identified, so that the drawing comes to life.

Viseidolia is an unconscious way of drawing, even if with practicing it is possible to search for and recognize figures that at first glance would not be possible to recognize. Furthermore, experience can teach us that, depending on how the background is made, a different result will be obtained. Finally each drawing can be made with a more instinctive approach or with a more “reasoned” approach, when you try to set a goal.

It is a very personal technique, as each person sees chaos in a different way: if we gave a first sketch to three people, the final result would be three completely different drawings. A great method to exercising and developing your imagination.

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