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#MultiVerse by R4GNO

R4gno was born in Florence in 1975 and lives in the countryside surrounding the city with three dogs, two cats and a female human, with whom he runs a farm in his spare time. The passion for drawing has accompanied him since he was a child, but only recently he has begun to cultivate it constantly.

He defines the technique he uses in his works as "viseidolia" (union of the words "vision" and "pareidolia", which is the tendency to bring amorphous structures back to familiar forms), which is based on exploiting the subconscious attitude of recognizing shapes and figures on a background treated in a completely casual way.

So when he begins a drawing he doesn't think about what the final result will be, but he starts with random lines without a predefined idea. In that chaos he begins to see some surreal shapes and characters that he defines, underlines and shades, until the drawing is complete. The end result is a surprise for him too, with a small world populated by strange creatures that each person can see and interpret differently.

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